December 27th, 2011

My new year’s resolution is NOT to diet

We are coming close to the part of the year that annoys me the most, the seeing in of the New Year. I must admit, I love the party, the party poppers and the immense amounts of champagne I usually have until I wake up at 3pm on January 1st feeling like someone beat me over the head with said champagne.

What do I hate about it then?

It has to be the time old tradition of the New Year’s resolution! They are there and they are made to be broken most of the time (in fact I don’t know a single person who has ever stuck to it). We seem to go for the top three resolutions when it comes down to it, to lose weight, to get fit or to quit smoking. But today of course I am concentrating on the get fit and losing weight!

I feel the need to point out that there is nothing wrong with getting fitter, providing you’re doing it for you, but I really feel that the wasted New Year’s resolution is not the way to do it. First of all why do we need s resolution to tell us we need to do it, this only makes it feel like a chore or challenge and frankly there is no chance of succeeding if you don’t want to do it. Secondly, there is no need to go to drastic efforts, crash diets or hours of exercise to achieve it, rather, it comes down to being mindful about your body and just treating it well and with respect.

We all seem to have this mindset that the “all or nothing” approach is the one that works, that to be healthy we can’t have anything “naughty” or as some anger inducing diet plans likes to put it “sinful”. There is no such thing as naughty food, it is only food after all, we can have our cake and eat it, but the wonderful saying of everything in moderation comes into play.

It’s the time of year when everybody feels it is the socially acceptable thing to diet, because of course we should all feel guilty about our Christmas indulgences, right?

Well no, this is what the hours of post-Christmas diet advertising wants you to think, same time every year, every channel you turn to will be the usual pressure, lose weight with this plan, join this gym and within 45 seconds you will have the perfect abs, utter bollocks. Yet people flock in their thousands to try out this latest fad, only to forget about it by time February comes along.

If we want to make changes to our fitness regimes and our diets then we can do it at any point of the year and more importantly by making small changes, not having to deprive ourselves of what we love, what’s the point in doing that! Also, we need to do it because we want to do it, not because something is telling us we should. Add an extra walk or jog into your week, get off the buss a stop or 2 early, simple things that are very achievable, yet can have a great impact. We can eat what we want, but instead of having an entire bar we have half. Simple changes that mean your whole life isn’t taken over by your New Year’s utter rubbish resolution.

Instead I would like to see everyone make a different kind of resolution this year, the love your body resolution, which isn’t just for Christmas, or New Year, or the month of January but a lifelong commitment to love your unique, amazing body. We don’t need to change for anybody; we just need to happy with ourselves and maybe we do want to do a little more exercise next year, but we do it for our health, not to look better for somebody else, as frankly, it’s your body, not society’s.