December 6th, 2011
November 30th, 2011

Nick and Sarah are at it again, bringing you yet another challenge….. 24 days, as many videos about the day’s body image topic as we can! Watch out world!

November 27th, 2011

Nick & Sarah’s Advent Calendar Challenge!

Some of you may remember Nick Watts of MGEDT and myself (BodyGossipSarah) taking each other on in a charity band challenge earlier in the year where we spent a week getting photos of as many people in Oxford and Bristol wearing the MGEDT charity band, (I would like to quickly mention that I metaphorically wiped the floor with Nick last time.) Well once again we are up against each other- this time in our Advent Calendar Challenge.

This year the countdown to Christmas will not only be marked by the tiny piece of chocolate hiding behind that cardboard door- oh no! Nick and I have something far more exciting up our sleeves for you.

We out our heads together and compiled a list of 23 body image topics which we will be quizzing the public about over the next 23 days. Their responses will be caught on film and uploaded to our challenge blog each day (or every day we manage to get one!) then on Christmas eve, Nick and I will post a video of our experiences throughout the challenge. (We did contemplate doing the final video on Christmas day but concluded we would be far too busy eating, drinking and generally being merry.)

As always we want to hear from you too.  We’ve added our list of different body image subjects below, along with the days we’ll be chatting about each of them. So if you’ve got something to say then get involved! Film a clip of yourself talking about the topic and send it in to us.

The Body image advent line-up.

1st The media and body image

2nd What’s your opinion on airbrushing?

3rd Doing it for the kids- what do under 16’s have to say?

4th A guy’s perspective

5th A girl’s perspective

6th Fad diets, would you?

7th Fat Talk- how does it affect you?

8th How does fashion fit into body image?

9th Your body growing up- what was it like in school?

10th Pregnancy

11th Your perception of eating disorders

12th Scars? an eyesore or a story?

13th Older people, do you think about your body image?

14th Plastic surgery- are you for or against?

15th How would you define beauty?

16th Bad Hair Day! How important is your hair to you?

17th Sport- is there more pressure?

18th Piercing and tattoo’s- love, hate or regret the day? Would you have them?

19th Advertising- is it too much?

20th Ethnicity- different ideals?

21st Disability- how does it change your outlook on beauty?

22nd Teens- Body image hell, or learning to love it?

23rd All I want for Christmas… If you could see one thing changed what would it be?

24th Nick and Sarah talk about their December adventure!

So keep a lookout on the blogs over the next few weeks, and let us know your thoughts. You can also join in with related polls and discussions on the challenge at the following places- - Here you will find all the vids in one place!

Of course don’t forget to follow us on twitter for commentary as we terrorise the streets! @nickinoxford @BodyGossipSarah

Wish us luck!

Sarah & Nick X |

Check out my introduction video to the challenge:

You can check out Sarah’s video at

Nick and Sarah when they attacked Oxford

Sooooooo Me and Sarah last Saturday hit the streets of Oxford after our evening at Oxford University, we got video’s of people in the streets talking about body image, some interesting stuff, so here we go….

First of all we found this AMAZING group of people on a bench outside the pub which turned into a full on debate around everything from body image, pornography, modelling, literally everything……

Then we found this group of 3 boys, who gave an interesting account of how men talk about bodies and the denial of having any issues or concerns about body image…

And last but not least, Sarah’s & My own views on the evening, what we learnt and a little on the discussions we had…..

Look out for more fun in the coming month…… ;)

September 11th, 2011

Nick and Sarah’s Charity Band Challenge

So for the last week me and the fab Sarah Fullagar have been out in Oxford and Bristol with a simple mission……..

To get as many photos as we can of people sporting the MGEDT charity band to make the issue of male eating disorders known! well at least to the poor people we sprung ourselves on throughout the week. 

Sarah has written an amazing blog for the MGEDT website, about the public’s reaction to the issue of men and eating disorders, which can be found on the MGEDT Blog. You can also view all the photos we have taken, which are still being updated! on the MGEDT facebook album.

So to all the lovelies that read my blog a simple challenge for you all…..

Go Online, buy a band, and send me YOUR photo challenges!